Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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Do you print single copies of PnP expansions?

Yes. We also print individual orders. However, if more copies are printed, or in the case of a collective order organisation, the unit cost of printing one copy shall fall significantly.

Will you print a game that is no longer available on the market?

It is our policy not to print officially released games without the publisher’s consent, even for permitted personal use.

How to reduce the cost of printing PnP expansion?

The cost of printing with an order of 1 copy is higher than with an order of many or even several copies. You can read about collective orders and reducing printing costs in our article HERE.

In portfolio, I saw a picture of expansion that I am interested in. How can I order it?

Write to us using the form on the right side or by e-mail at info@mbprint.pl. If it is an expansion available on the web in the Print&Play formula, we can print one for you.