What is a collective order?

You wanted to print a fan expansion, and you received an answer – “Sorry, but the files sent are not properly prepared for printing. If you order one copy, the cost of preparation and printing is X (here’s a high amount that you didn’t expect and certainly can’t imagine spending it on a fan expansion).

The high amount from the sent valuation results in the vast majority of cases from the necessity of very time-consuming preparation of the file so that the final effect after printing meets our quality standards.

In the case of ordering only one copy of the expansion, its total cost on our side may consist of as much as 80% of the cost of preparing the file (primarily the long hours of work of the graphic designer) and only 20% of the remaining costs.

For example, in the case of an order of 10 identical copies, this proportion is reversed because the cost of preparation will be the same, but on the scale of the whole order it will already be a small part of the total cost.

Back to the fan expansion, which requires time-consuming and cost-intensive preparation – you have 4 solutions:

  • cancel the order;
  • cover the high cost of file preparation;
  • prepare the file yourself according to our guidelines – here you will find all the information about the preparation of the files “GUIDELINE”
  • assure the game expansion is ordered by more people..

In relation to the title of the article, we will focus on the last, fourth point.

In the case of a collective order (at least 10 copies), the ordering party does not cover the costs of preparation of the files, as MB print takes care of it entirely.

If you want to initiate such a collective order, then:

  1. ask us for a quote for a expansion for an order of 10, 15, 20 etc. copies;
  2. ask on public board groups/forums whether other fans of the game would be interested in ordering;
  3. after an initial declaration of interest, send us a list of those ordering.

After the payments received from the declared number of people willing to order, we start printing and shipping on the agreed date.

If we do not receive the declared number of payments within the agreed period of time, we will return all the funds to the contributors.

Discounts are available in the group! In case of questions or doubts, please contact us!