At MB print we make every effort to provide you with a high quality product. As a company specializing in low-volume printing, a significant part of the work on orders, for technological reasons, is done manually. The way you prepare your files has therefore a significant impact on what the game we make will look like. Below we present a few guidelines on how to professionally prepare a file for printing.

Small game boards are made using 1.5 mm thick cardboard covered with printed paper on both sides. Additionally, the boards are foiled – a thin layer of matt foil is pressed into them. Thanks to this, the sheets are more resistant to moisture, abrasion, stiffness and they are thicker.

In most cases, we cut out the boards with a laser. Thanks to that we obtain perfect repeatability of shape and perfectly rounded corners.

We print graphics on the boards on both sides of the board and round the corners in the price of the print. Of course, you can resign from the option of rounding the corners.

Preparing a file for the printing of the boards:

First of all, divide the boards by size – each board format should be prepared in a separate file.

Prepare the boards in a pdf file. If you want to print the boards in several dimensions, prepare separate files for each dimension.

Place the boards as consecutive pages in the file alternately: obverse of board No. 1, reverse of board No. 1, obverse of board No. 2, reverse of board No. 2, etc.

The size of a page in a pdf file should have the size of a board extended by 3 mm on each side (printing bleed). For example, a 200 mm x 150 mm board should have pages in a pdf file of 206 mm x 156 mm. (More about the printing bleed)

If you are ordering several copies of the same board, place several copies of the board in a file.

In the name of the file, place the “target” size of the board (e.g. smith_board_200x150.pdf) – this will minimize the likelihood of a possible mistake.

Do not place any cutting lines in the file – the boards will be cut out centrally to the format specified in the order.