At MB print we make every effort to provide you with a high quality product. As a company specializing in low-volume printing, a significant part of the work on orders, for technological reasons, is done manually. The way you prepare your files has therefore a significant impact on what the game we make will look like. Below we present a few guidelines on how to professionally prepare a file for printing.

Board game boards are made on 1.5 mm thick cardboard. The surface of the board veneer is printed and additionally laminated with a layer of matt foil. This procedure is performed to strengthen the board and improve the visual effect. The back side of the board is covered with a bookbinding veneer typical for boards in board games.

The boards are made in 3 versions:
2-part folding board (1 fold) – maximum size 31 x 67 cm;
board folded into 4 parts (2 folds) – maximum size 62 x 67 cm;
board folded into 6 parts (3 folds) – maximum size 62 x 93 cm.

Prepare the file with the ordered board as a graphic file of the whole board, without dividing it into individual parts. Recommended resolution 300 DPI.

Keep 1.5 cm of printing bleed around the board and about 0.5 cm of safe area inside the cutting lines.

Before sending the pdf files to us, they should be flattened and the fonts should be converted into curves.

Remember to make sure that the board will fit into the box. The size of the folded board should be at least 1.5 cm smaller than the size of the box. It is also possible to order the board on a latex board mat instead of cardboard – there is no limit to the size of the board. Such a board is rolled up, not folded. Its main advantage is its strength and much lower price than in case of cardboard boards.